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Trying New Things - the Foodist Adventskalender

It's a month AFTER advent ended, but it's never too late to review an advents calendar. Right?

Anyway. After a boatload of Facebook ads, I ponied up for the Foodist "Active" (supposedly healthy snack-based) Adventskalender. I couldn't find much about what to expect from Googling, but I ordered in advance for a 10% discount, and waited to see what each little box held.

The packaging was really slick. Festive green to match your holiday decor, great graphics, and compact. At 40 euros, it was totally reasonable - especially since ready made advent calendars for each person can add up. The kiddos enjoyed opening a box every day, tossing it to me to read the 'phrase of the day' (these were very cute), and trying the goods inside.

The snacks were a bit mixed in tastiness level, but definitely original finds. Many came from the UK, and had unique ingredients & origin stories. As a person who really likes trying new things, I was all about having a daily eating adventure in a small portion. And each goodie was the right size for all 4 of us to have a taste.

Since so many advents calendars in grocery stores are just full of chocolate or toys, it was nice to try something that focused on healthy, tasty snacks. It was still a daily treat, but on top of all the other cookies, chocolate, and mulled wine that goes around in December, didn't feel overly indulgent. I'll likely buy this again next year, though the wine & craft beer versions they offer are seriously tempting...


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