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What's that Smell? Part II.

Yup... it's FALL! The smell of open windows, and crunchy leaves on the ground. It has a distinct smell of fresh air with a hint of smoky... mm..

So it's been a while. Let's recap the past, oh, 9 months. We got married, so that took up most of the year. Anika finished her first YEAR of law school. 1 down, 2 to go! We wrote all of our wedding thank-you cards, which also took a long time. And, we decided where to honeymoon - finally. We'll be going to (drumroll..) Argentina! In December, just when it's time to layer up in DC. I can't wait. And, we've harvested tons of peppers and tomatoes from our lovely little veggie garden in the front of our apartment.

We've also had a lot of visitors, since we upgraded to a new apartment with a spare bedroom. It makes us feel like real adults. Amit visited, and we explored the beautiful VA wine country - we paired wine with $ 0.25 hot dogs, yum!

Here's a photo of Anika and the brothers Coats, at a tea party rally in DC. Everyone loved the Fox News truck, and taking a photo with the truck just seemed appropriate. It was a pretty bizarre rally, with all kinds of crazies shouting for their particular cause. My favorite was the accusation that AmeriCorps is a civilian army... that is ARMED by the government. Last time I checked, AmeriCorps 'army' members didn't qualify for much more than food stamps, but maybe they've changed the program around a little.

After the rally, Sapun tried out being an astronaut. Lookin good!

We also enjoyed to Opera in the Ballpark. They showed the 'season-opening' opera for free in the baseball park (the Barber of Seville), simultaneously with the premiere in the theater for paying patrons. It was pretty awesome, especially when we snuck in heaps of wine & cheese, so we could sit, drink, and enjoy the show all for free. Good times.

All in all, it was a fun summer, which makes being back in school that much more difficult. At least we have South America and more consistent blogging to look forward to!

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